Basic principles and presentation of advertisements on

Advertising on is based on the principle of direct relevance of the promoted product to the topics and specific articles. A client placing an advertisement order chooses one of the categories which corresponds the best to the objective of the advertisement and a specific time-frame during which the promotional campaign is to take place. The client thus makes sure that the advertisement is placed in such a way as to ensure the optimum correlation with the content. Banners, text ads or advertisement trailers are displayed every time an article which corresponds or relates to it content-wise is consulted.

2015 Partnership Scheme

The Partnership Scheme is the priority of our 2015 Commercial Plan. Its objective is to establish long-term cooperation with top-quality suppliers for architectural and housing sector and to associate brand names with qualified technical information to be found on Our partners are consulted about our upcoming projects which are submitted for discussion and comments.

Advantages arising from the participation in the 2014 Partnership Scheme

  • listing in a prestigious catalogue of qualified suppliers for architectural and housing sector;
  • 2 PR articles per year to be included in the editorial topics and to be displayed as „related“ to all articles on the particular theme;
  • banner (in selected format) to be displayed during one month; privileged placing on all pages (except for the catalogue). THIS POSSIBILITY IS GRANTED EXCLUSIVELY TO OUR PARTNERS.
  • banner (in selected format) to be displayed during one month; standard contextual display according to content relevance

If the partnership is concluded, we offer a free of charge editing of a PR campaign and the production of an advertisement banner as well as a 25% discount for all advertisement beyond the scope of the partnership applicable during the whole year.

The price of one-year Partnership amounts to 39.000 CZK
(net of VAT)

Basic advertisement formats and prices of banners with standard contextual display

Format Size Basic pricein CZK Price for partners
Presentation in the catalogue 5900,-per year FREE
Top banner 468 x 60 17 000,-per month 25% discount or FOR FREE**
Top side banner 120 x 400 17 000,-per month 25% discount or FOR FREE**
Side banner 120 x 400 15 000,-per month 25% discount or FOR FREE**
Article 15 000,-per month 25% discount or 2x FOR FREE**

Prices are quoted net of VAT
** For partners – a banner of their own choice displayed during one month and a 25% discount on all other advertisement applicable during the whole year.

In case of any limitations (supported formats, maximum size, singular advertisement forms), please contact us.

Additional services

We advocate individual approach to all our partners taking into account their particular needs. Specific conditions of cooperation always result from individual arrangement.

We set up statistics and reports for the advertising campaigns.

For more information: konecna.21 {at} gmail(.)com.

The Bydlení IQ team is looking forward to working with you – we promote your professional quality.